Meet Cowboy Troy...yup, he's a big'un, ain't he? 

Cowboy is 10 years old and a real sweet heart.  He's bonded to my hip and follows me wherever I go.  Cries like a baby if I leave him behind.   We picked him up at the airport when he was 10 weeks old and he came out of his crate with a wagging tail and it hasn't stopped since. 

He's a big boy at 215 pounds and 34 inches tall at the shoulder.  He was bigger but we put him on a diet and took about 15 pounds off him.  We're working on getting some more off him to try to keep the weight off his joints now that he's getting older. 

He has a sweet personality and his most favorite activity is to go anywhere where he can meet new people who will stop and admire his most handsome self.  Walking or riding is fine with him as long he gets to meet someone.  Without that,  the trip is only 1/2 the fun. 

We may eventually add another mastiff to the clan (we've had as many as 3 at a time in the past) but when is up in the air for now