Miss Sassy, the Witch.  Sassy is the matriarch of the girls here.  And she lets everyone know it.  She is small at 18 pounds but she believes she is large and in charge therefore she is.  She is the most independent of the bunch, and the craziest .  She loves everybody!  No one is a stranger to her and she makes friends everywhere she goes.

 If it moves she is going to chase it. She's been squirted by toads several times but she still can't resist goading them!  She's wild at heart and its just one of the quirky aspects of her lively personality.  She is a gorgeous black masked fawn and it's because of her we ended up falling in love with the breed as a whole. 

She is getting on in years now and her black mask is a milky muzzle now.  She's 13      years old and starting to fail a bit.  We are cherishing the time we have left with her. She still sparkles with the devil in her eyes just for short periods now instead of most of the time like she used to when she was younger.  She has never been bred and has always been a cherished family pet.