Xanadu is our only male Frenchie here in NH.  We call him Rocky and he is a sweet, sweet boy.  He is a lovely brindle male with a great temperament, thick bone, wonderful ear set, big head with a great face, and huge feet.  He's got a bit of a tail which is different from the girls who have almost no tail.   Rocky has a real tail although fairly short one.  He has passed all of his health testing with flying colors and he has everyone wrapped around his immense paws.  He came to us from Hungary from Happy Life of Little Pearls Kennel 

 He is neg/neg for JHC gene, HUU, and neg for DM.  His patella exam and cardiac exam are both normal. His spine shows no abnormalities and his Pennhip xrays are excellent!. He has passed both his thyroid test and CERF exams.  He has nice open nares and has no difficulty with his respiratory system.  This boy is really a total package with good health, mass, a big noggin and a lovely temperament.