Jezebel is a full sister to Gidget, just a year older.  She is a tank of a girl!  She weighs a beefy 30 pounds and has an enormous block head.  And     she knows how to use all of that to her advantage!  She runs full tilt at her          sister, rams into her with that big chest and sends her rolling.  Then she tackles her and pins her down.  Poor Gidget doesn't stand a chance.  Gidget is a hefty    26 pounds, herself, but 4 pounds in that small of a package makes a huge          difference.  Jezzie is a very comical girl, and life is just a bowl of cherries to        her.  Her favorite activity is rolling down the hill on her back, wiggling all the      way in order to keep the slide going.  Tearing through mom's gardens is also      great fun, especially when she starts yelling!  Jezzie is so compact but has so      much mass that she needs to be carefully monitored for heat exhaustion.  She    can't handle the heat at all due to her large mass in such a small package.           Frenchies are prone to heat stroke due to this and need to be carefully                monitored  and protected from their silly little selves.   I use a wading pool half   filled and this girl loves it.  She runs full out across the lawn and jumps gleefully into it, skidding all the way across.....Crazy little thing.  Unfortunately, Jezzie is   shy with people she doesn't know well so they don't get to experience her truly   wonderful and comical personality.  She is a big clown in a little package and      she lives her life with gusto every minute of the day!  I just love her to pieces      and maybe even more so because she's so misunderstood due to being shy. She is and has always been a family pet.