This is  Gidget.   Gidget is retired from breeding at 10 years of age now!  She is such a little funny face.  She has a very extreme brachycephalic look yet has no trouble   breathing.  She does the Reverse sneeze once in a while if she snuffles something up her nose but overall she has quite a healthy respiratory system with only very mild snoring. None of my Frenchies  have stenotic nares which can be a problem in the breed. Gidget has had   her health testing done and is n/n for the JHC gene.  She is OFA negative for thyroid, cardiac, patella and hips.  Her spine  x-ray did not show any hemi-vertebrae. She passed her CERF testing. Her health overall  has been excellent with the exception of the occaisional ear infection.   When the  Frenchies are  puppies they do tend to react poorly to vaccines so I do pretreat with Benadryl and then they are  fine.  Gidget has a lovely, sweet temperament and has produced some very pretty puppies for us.